10 Times Video Games Cheated To Beat You

Nobody likes being backstabbed in the face.

Skyrim Horse

Grab any video game - Dark Souls level hard, or Hello Kitty Nail Salon easy - and you'll likely find one person who cheated while playing through the game. It's human nature that some people want to succeed by any means necessary, especially since doing so doesn't exactly harm anyone (even if it annoys people when you do it on a multiplayer game).

Be it out of a sense of vengeance, or just sheer convenience, sometimes games will do the exact same thing, and cheat right back at you in order to mess you up. While the method varies - from breaking its own preset rules to straight up punishing you where it would never punish its precious AI children.

Generally, this isn't strictly speaking a bad thing. It can make you feel saltier if you lose, sure - because it feels more unfair - but the inverse is that you feel like an absolute champion every time you succeed in a situation that seemed tailored to lead to your defeat (even if that, realistically, probably wasn't anywhere near the actual case).

10. Infinite Spells, Infinite Suffering - Chrono Cross

Skyrim Horse
Square Enix

Much like any RPG game, Chrono Cross doesn't let you do too much in one turn of a battle. After all, it'd sort of defeat the point if you could just cast like seven spells in one round, as it would make every fight one single turn. So, fair enough - you're limited to only casting stuff when you've built up enough of a combo, and you can use only one type of element per fight.

Only, that doesn't seem to stop many of your enemies, who cast spells like they were given a free coupon for all-you-can-cast magic at the mystical buffet.

Which is kind of a punch in the teeth when you're stuck casting a measly single healing spell per turn, and your opponent is breaking out wizardry of every flavour like glow sticks at a rave.

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