10 Times Video Games Got Science WRONG

A real-life Last of Us isn't happening anytime soon.

Naughty Dog

Science is the cornerstone of our very existence - despite those who might suggest otherwise - and entertainment as a whole has had a rather curious, casual relationship with scientific fact for as long as media has existed.

We can all name countless movies which shamelessly flouted the laws of physics, biology, and chemistry for the sake of our blockbuster thrills, but the video game industry is hardly a champion of good science itself.

Though the more heightened nature of gaming generally makes it easier to accept ridiculous storytelling, there's no denying that sometimes the junk science is just too distractingly absurd to pass muster.

That's absolutely the case with these 10 games, which threw scientific plausibility out the window in pursuit of glossy AAA entertainment.

In some cases it proved more amusingly ridiculous than anything, but in others, the otherwise firm veil of "realism" was entirely derailed by this careless lack of regard for actual science.

Though these gaffes don't break their respective games for all but the most ardent scientists, they're still sloppy attempts to get away with blatant non-knowledge...


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