10 Times Video Games Killed You IN A CUTSCENE!

When games wrestled control away to murder you.

Fahrenheit Lucas
Quantic Dream

Death may be a part of life, but it's a much bigger part of video games, given that the average game will see players die at least a handful of times, and for the Dark Souls and Crash Bandicoot fans among us, that number may run in the hundreds or maybe even thousands.

But not all hero deaths in video games are purely the fault of the player during gameplay where they have 100% control of the outcome - sometimes you'll end up dying during a cutscene with scarcely little warning.

This can be a cinematic part of the story where the protagonist dies - and is more often than not resurrected - or more annoyingly as a result of a quick time event (QTE) that randomly shows up totally out of nowhere during a cutscene.

No matter the reason, your ability to intervene was limited at best - if not entirely non-existent - in all of these scenarios, whereby death was suddenly dealt to ends both shocking and frustrating.

As much as storytelling formula suggests that cutscenes are a safe place for protagonists, these games all categorically confirmed that not to be the case at all...

10. B.J. Loses His Head - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Fahrenheit Lucas

Roughly half-way through Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Nazi-slaughtering protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz is brutally killed while the player is powerless to do anything but watch.

Horrifyingly, the bulk of the scene - a public execution at D.C.'s Lincoln Memorial - actually unfolds as a first-person interactive cutscene.

The player is given a front-row seat to watch Nazi commander Irene Engel hack away at their own neck, before the perspective shifts to show Engel triumphantly holding the severed head aloft.

But of course Blazkowicz isn't dead for long, as the resistance manages to collect his discarded head and bring him back to life by grafting his noggin onto the body of a bio-engineered Nazi super-soldier, giving him a host of physical upgrades in the process.

Despite his speedy resurrection, witnessing B.J.'s death first-hand is surely the most traumatic moment in any Wolfenstein game - and that really is saying something.


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