10 Times Video Games Made You Betray Your Friends

5. Mario Kart

A Way Out

What is it about multiplayer Mario games that make us turn on our friends almost instinctively? Nobody can quite say, but they can say one thing for sure: getting a blue shell when your friend is in first place is a beautiful (if slightly guilty) feeling.

When you're not throwing weapons at your pals, competitive racing often sees you try all try and downright push each other off the road, as you jostle with one another to try and get the perfect line in the track.

There's also a nefarious little mechanic that sneaks into these games called slipstreaming, that is likely familiar to many real-world racing fans. What this means is that when you're behind another car (or kart) for long enough, you get a speed boost, which you can them use to get in front of them.

This is rough enough alone - because it means you can outdo a better driver simply by staying behind them - but it also has more evil applications. Firstly, you and a temporary ally combo this slipstream to slingshot yourselves towards the unsuspecting lead racer.

Secondly - and perhaps most painfully - you can also time this so you stay behind them until you see the finish line, before boosting leisurely towards victory, which is equal parts awful and hilarious.


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