10 Times Video Games Secretly Spoiled Their Own Story

Spoilers hiding in plain sight.

God of War 2018

Video games are so endlessly complex and wonderfully fluid as an art form that it's little surprise developers take every possible opportunity to include sneaky secrets for more attentive players to seek out.

The non-linear nature of gaming allows Easter eggs and harmless gags to be hidden in plain sight, and sometimes, developers will even go as far as to literally give away epic spoilers long before they're explicitly revealed to less-adventurous players.

These 10 games all dropped crucial plot details in the players' lap - or close to it, anyway - but whether or not they pieced everything together is a whole other matter.

Even if you did notice these curiosities on your first playthrough, without the full context there was no guarantee you'd figure out what was actually being hinted at. But on a second playthrough, these fantastically subtle early-game spoilers left players' minds well and truly blown.

From characters flat-out saying the big plot twist aloud to masterful moments of immaculate visual foreshadowing, these games were all spoiled hours in advance for those who were really paying attention...


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