10 Times Video Games Totally Broke Your Trust - Commenter Edition

Wait, the boss can resurrect?!

There are certain things we just expect to be true in video games. Things like red barrels explode, if a boss has a glowing eyeball you should really shoot it, and being nice to everybody is the fast track to the good ending.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and the video games on this list delighted in ripping the rug out from under you when you expected things to go one way and they flipped the narrative on its head. We made up a list of our favourite cases of this video game phenomenon earlier this year (see below) but you guys had plenty more suggestions of times games have switched up on you, so we’re digging into those.

Whether the mechanics changed up on you, or a safe place suddenly wasn’t, here are ten cases where you thought you were safe to sit back and expect the expected but the truth was anything but.


10. Storage Locker Of The Demon - DOOM 3

doom 3 storage locker
iD Software

Doom 3 has loads of storage lockers filled with sorely needed supplies to help you take on all the things that have crawled out of hell.

In order to get your hands on all the ammo, guns, and gear they have to offer you’ll need to track down the relevant security access codes for each locker. That is except for one particular locker aptly bearing the ID ‘666’. If you didn’t see something coming here, that might be on you. To be fair though, in the entire game the dozens of lockers have held nothing but gear and useful bit and pieces so it’s not entirely on you if the post-it note bearing the code right underneath the keypad and the ‘Open With Caution’ label didn’t set off warning bells.

Open this one, though, and you’ll very likely get the fright of your life as a demon launches out at you from the darkness.

Once your heart rate has returned to acceptable levels you can check out the strewn people bits inside the container and be about your business.

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