10 Times Video Games Were TOO Realistic

How about we don't make video game characters pay taxes and fill out forms?


As our technologies become better and better, more video game companies strive for more realism in their releases. Developers spend an excruciating amount of time perfecting minute details that reflect the real world, and this provides us with truly immersive experiences that let us submerge ourselves in the worlds they create.

However, sometimes the level of realism can be a little too much.

As great as it is to have a fully functional and detailed world, at the end of the day, games are meant to be fun and relaxing experiences that deliberately omit the more tedious parts of our everyday lives. This is why, when developers suddenly add things like doing your taxes, driving on eight-hour car trips, or witnessing hyper-realistic scenes of gore that have little to do with the fun, over-the-top violence you typically see in games, you have to stop and question: Why is this even in the game?

Some parts of the real world should really stay in the real world, and the following examples of when games become too realistic are proof of that.

If you've ever had the displeasure of experiencing them, you'll know exactly why.

10. A Trip To The Bank - The Witcher 3

CD Projekt RED

Going to a bank or an office is the annoying little cousin at the table of adulthood. No one likes it, but everyone has to tolerate it.

But hey! At least video games let you avoid these "joys" of adulting, right? Well, the Witcher 3 would beg to differ.

The Witcher 3's side mission "Paperchase" takes Geralt to the wonderous and fantastical location of... a dimly lit bank, where he performs the exciting feat of... reinstating his account after the bank has mistakenly proclaimed him dead.

Yes, this is a real mission. And it's even complete with all the beloved bank activities, such as speaking with frustrated clerks, filling out confusing paperwork, and everyone's favorite—waiting in lines!

The quest perfectly captures the existential dread of wasting an entire day trying to resolve one simple matter at your bank. And to truly nail the realism on the head, all the paperwork and effort you put into getting your account back doesn't do anything, as in the end, it turns out the bank has already "invested" all your money!

Whoever wrote this quest clearly had a bad bank experience one day and channeled all their hatred of it into their work.

Honestly? Good for them!

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