10 Tiny But Excellent Open World Maps In Video Games

9. The Island - The Witness

the witness
Thekla Inc.

As for a game that also packs in details in an engrossing world you can’t quite step away from but in an entirely different way, we’ve got the island from The Witness.

The island may have a solid handful of hidden nooks and crannies but it’s still pretty small as open world areas go. That said it’ll still take you quite a while to get through, though your mileage will vary depending on your puzzle-solving prowess. The world is colourful, highly-saturated, and it’s not just for show either. While many of the puzzles take place on identifiable screens peppered throughout the island’s many biomes, some are environmental. In order to solve both you’ll actually need to note things like the position of the sun, the way trees are designed, the wear and tear on a windmill.

If you’re anything like me and you jump between feeling like a genius and the stupidest person on Earth playing this game, it’s a good thing the world is painfully pretty and a blast to wander in.


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