10 Tiny Details In Games That Made Them So Much Better

Batman's entire mind is haunted in Arkham Knight.

batman arkham knight joker

There are great video games made up of very simple ideas on tiny budgets and great video games that span hundreds of hours of gameplay with more features than you can shake a stick at. Do people still say that? Well, let’s bring it back.

No matter the budget, genre, or size of the game, there are developers who for one reason or another seem to pour extra love into their creation. This can come in the form of alternative narrative paths, extra characters, complex mechanics, or interesting approaches to combat.

In the case of this list, though, we’re tucking into some of the minicluse details these developers added that made their games all that much better.

Whether by increasing our connection to the game world, making players feel like they have a real impact on the game environment and the people who inhabit it, or letting players walk in the shoes of their protagonists, these seemingly insignificant features were set to impress.


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