10 Tiny Video Game Details That Give Away Character Secrets

Cal's lightsaber was in EVERY trailer.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

No matter the medium, foreshadowing is always a satisfying storytelling device.

It's not easy to get right, of course, and messing it up can ruin a potential twist or reveal at the end of a narrative, but some writers are amazing at dropping subtle hints to future events or beats. This often gets to the point where you don't notice them first time round, but upon a revisit, they seem so obvious you feel a little silly.

Games offer particularly rich opportunities for foreshadowing though. In a movie or book you're presented with specific information, and sometimes you can tell when the author is drawing attention to something that will come into play later. Games are player-driven though, and because they're packed with so much to see and do, it means that sometimes audiences are so distracted with something, they miss information they could have picked up on.

We've covered some great examples of this before when it comes to major endgame plot twists, but sometimes games are even subtler than that, and can reveal a huge detail about a character long before it's ever actually addressed in the story.



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