10 Tiny Video Game Details Which Will Blow Your Mind

It was all happening right under your nose...

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When you, the hero of this story, are tasked with taking down the big bad evil that's taken over the land, or helping win the war for the forces of good in your digital realm, it's very easy to lose sight of the minutia of life.

You might look out to a rocky mountain with a quest marker pointing to the top of it and figure you need to get a shuffle on, but maybe you should take some time and actually drink in all the lush details that developers have painstakingly put into their titles.

Take a step back and you'll observe ecosystems thriving, characters making motions you'd never noticed before and even see how your actions directly affect the smallest things further down the line. All of these details were just waiting for someone to take a look and my God are they utterly mind blowing in how intricate some of them are.

10. Death Stranding - Flotation Devices

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Kojima Productions

To say that Hideo Kojima likes to hide details in his video games is like saying Mt. Everest is a "bit tall". Across the years, he's hidden so many brilliant, thought provoking, sometimes utterly pointless things into his works simply to reward fans who looked hard enough in the right areas.

And of course, Death Stranding is no exception. There are some truly astounding things the player can put Sam through should they so choose, from causing his feet to bleed if they don't give him any shoes and forcing him to run in the open, to even giving the poor guy frostbite if they're out in the cold for too long without proper protection.

However, Sam isn't the only one getting all these fancy, if quite gruesome details, for if you knock out an enemy near water you'll see that a flotation device deploys, keeping them from drowning. This isn't just a brilliant detail but an essential plot point as well, because in the world of Death Stranding, meeting your end has huge implications and is to be avoided at all costs, even if it's your enemy who's the one close to death.


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