10 Toughest RPGs That Are Incredibly Rewarding

10. Pathologic

pathologic 2
Ice Pick Lodge

For many people, gaming is a way to kick back and relax in a stressful and often terrifying world. Not all gamers are made equal, however, and some enter these virtual realms to push their limits amongst the impossible worlds both strange and macabre.

Scratching this itch in the most terrifying way is survival horror RPG Pathalogic, a little-known title often described as one of the most stressful gaming experiences out there. Starting the game as one of three characters, the player must investigate a mysterious ‘sand plague’ infecting a small, isolated town, completing main quests to save the inhabitants and side quests from passing NPCs to gain money and equipment.

So far, so RPG, you might think, but Pathalogic imposes a non-negotiable twelve day time limit, whether or not you complete the quests. Characters can die, side quests can be missed and entire plots can be completely overlooked as the player attempts to balance the story alongside a harsh in-game economy representing the isolation and needs of the town.

Taking several playthroughs to wrap your head around, dedicated players will find themselves constantly drawn back in attempting to unlock the mysteries of this peculiar town, whether they want to or not. Not for everyone, but an unforgettable experience for a certain masochistic few.

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