10 True Video Game Endings You Gave Up On

9. Valkyrie Profile - Ending A

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The recently released Valkyrie Elysium continued the Valkyrie series' tradition of providing multiple endings for the player, and did so in disarmingly straightforward fashion. In Elysium, the requirements for the true ending are relatively straightforward - collect all Verdant Blossoms, have one last chat with the love interest, kick the crap out of a god.

Pretty standard video game fare, and a definite "mea culpa" from a series whose byzantine, ludicrous ending requirements had players tearing their hair out in the PS1 days.

Valkyrie Profile - the first game in the series - is remembered for two things: its forward-thinking combat system and its insanely specific path to the true ending. There's not enough room here to explain how to get it, but to give you an idea of the lengths you have to go to: the game's strategywiki guide to achieving it is 888 words long - and that's in bullet points.

Acted too heroically? Locked out. Acted too evilly? Locked out. Levelled up the wrong stat at the wrong time? Locked out.

If anyone says they got this without a guide, they are either lying or are Yoshiharu Gotanda, the game's director. If it's the latter, feel free to give him a kick in the balls from us.

(WhatCulture would like to point out it does not condone kicking video game directors in the reproductive organs. No matter how much they deserve it - WhatCulture Legal Department)

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