10 Twisted Secret Levels In Video Games

9. Wolfenstein: The New Order - Nightmare

Wolfenstein The New Order 3D Easter egg

Waiting for a Wolfenstein game that was actually good was like waiting for WWII to finally end. MachineGames finally delivered the goods in the form of a dystopian, cyber-Nazi bloodbath. Using those dual-assault rifles never gets old.

Partway through the game, our super-buff hero William Blazkowicz hoped to finally get a good night’s sleep. Conversely, his subconscious is burdened with the same dream, escaping from a labyrinth with resistance around every corner.

Welcome back to 1992, everyone. This secret level, simply entitled ‘Nightmare', pits the three-dimensional protagonist against 16-bit Germans from Wolfenstein 3D. The objective is simple: escape.

Every item, level prop, and secret remain intact. It’s spacious, and full of corridors, making it a playground for balls-out gunfights combined with stylish sliding and shooting across the castle’s floors.

In fact, those who remember the location of the switch to the secret level will be pleased to know that it is also available here. It's a two-for-one deal: a bargain in any player's book.

One death means you’re out for the count; you can always restart that portion of the level and do it again. It’s well-worth it for this unexpected flashback to the days of Nazis in bright blue jumpsuits who scream "Mein leben!" when they die.


Jake "The Voice" Parr - voice actor, mastermind of The Cyber Den on Siren FM, game reviewer, and classy chap.