10 Twisted Video Game Achievements That Rewarded You For Being A Dick

Nice guys finish last, and with less gamerscore.

Red Dead Redemption

They might not be as big a draw as previous generations, but achievements and trophies have incentivised many of us to rattle through campaigns, multiplayer modes and more, all in search of illusive - and addictive - soundbites.

Brilliantly, many developers have added these little 'triggers' to everything from discovering secret areas to killing someone you were supposed to protect. Whenever gameplay sees you stumble upon any number of little-known secrets, that's when you can have a unique one-on-one interaction with the game's creators - a way of saying "We knew someone would find this, and we're letting you know that we know you were here."

Even better, this generation has seen rarity percentages surface on both systems, showcasing specific values on PS4 and playing a special noise on Xbox One if what you've just triggered is only held by a selective few others.

Whether it's basic chapter completion or the game knowing you're kicking a duck up the arse, achievements can be downright phenomenal when timed well.

Though if you've acquired this lot, maybe you need to take a look in the mirror...

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Gaming Editor

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