10 Unbelievable Reasons Why You Can't Play These Video Games

Video game development mistakes that feel truly bizarre.

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There's no denying the enormous complexity of developing even a totally mediocre - nay, terrible - video game.

It requires potentially hundreds of artists and programmers to collaborate towards a single agreed-upon vision, but for so many reasons, this process often results in disappointment.

It's not surprising at all that so many anticipated games end up falling short of the mark after years in development, but it's always that much more heartbreaking when a long-awaited game doesn't ever land in players' hands at all.

There are far more cancelled video games than we will ever know about, but the more high-profile scrapped projects do generally come to light one way or another.

And in the case of these 10 cancelled games, the reasoning they were nixed only makes it all the more frustrating, that if the people in charge just had a slightly different perspective on things, perhaps the game would've been released to the waiting public.

That's not to say that every single one of these games would've lived up to their sure potential, but given how close to completion many of them were, it's maddening that they never saw the light of day...

10. Creator Phil Fish Got Into A Twitter Argument With A Journalist - Fez 2

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One of the landmark releases in the indie game revolution of the early 2010s, puzzle-platformer Fez was the ingenious brainchild of designer Phil Fish, who between the game's success and his appearance in the 2012 documentary Indie Game: The Movie, became an overnight poster child for indie gaming.

Fish confirmed that Fez 2 was in development during E3 2013, though fan excitement was incredibly short-lived.

A mere month later Fish got into a Twitter argument with gaming journalist Marcus Beer, and out of frustration with the industry's perceived "negativity," tweeted that Fez 2 was promptly cancelled and he was leaving games development.

Though many initially expected that Fish was speaking in the heat of the moment and would soon return to complete the game, almost eight years later Fez 2 has yet to materialise, though Fish did eventually return to the industry to work on a number of unrelated games.

While Fish perhaps didn't handle himself spectacularly well on social media, his cancellation of a game that would've been a massive commercial success for him speaks to just how frustrated he was with the state of the games industry.


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