10 Unbelievable Ways Creators Hid Themselves In Video Games

What's the fun in rendering a hotdog if you can't stick your face on it?

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Considering these are the people that are making literal disks of fun, a 100-hour work week (or whatever ridiculous target hangs over the Rockstar employees) can make the whole creating a game exercise a big dose of "all work and no play makes developers dull boys".

Whilst this is remedied somewhat by sticking in ridiculous Easter eggs - from secret rooms to giant floating rabbits in the middle of the ocean - it's still the studios that get all the glory with the best game releases. Or at least, for the most part it is.

These creators, developers, and video games workers decided they'd had enough and slapped their very own faces into their creations, offering up interesting discoveries, insane boss fights, and novelty moments that celebrate the individuals behind some of our favourite releases.

Let's be fair, if there's chance to stick your face on a hotdog, then hot damn, you've gotta take it.

10. Scott Cawthon - Five Nights At Freddy's

Spider-man ps4 stan lee
Scott Cawthon

Creating a game about evil animatronics running rampant and stuffing humans into deadly furry suits, you’ve got to give Scott Cawthon originality at least. The main mind behind survival CCTV horror Five Nights at Freddy’s managed to worm his way into the franchise as ‘Phone Guy’ - that nonchalant voice you hear as an answering machine message at the start of the game warning you about how other security guards have died or other such nonsense, and that you’re next on the ‘try not to get peeled like a human banana’ list.

Honestly, why anyone takes this job is the biggest mystery, apart from maybe the murderous robots that entertain at children’s parties. That’s a whole different kettle of fish.

But yes, Scott Cawthon appears in the first three games as the Phone Guy, and crops up in the fourth with his recording playing backwards as ambient sound. Which isn’t creepy at all, of course. Considering Cawthon got eight games released, the most recent being this year, as well as three companion books and a number of other media under the title, his little voice cameo is one of the most permeating of an indie franchise.

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