10 Underrated Video Games Based On Movie Franchises

Not all of them are terrible.

Bond From Russia With Love Sean Connery Game

Everyone knows that for the most part and until very recently, movies and video games do not mix. From rushed movie tie-ins to a game not capturing its source material, there are many casualties in this genre.

Some recent films have bucked the trend, such as Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, but on the video game side of things, there is still work to be done when mentioning them and movies in the same sentence.

Sure, we all love Goldeneye, but there is a reason these types of games don’t often see the light of day anymore. That said, the titles on this list are all stellar, with some of them given an unfair critical reception and are in need of reappraisal. Others have simply been forgotten, but all of them are definitely worth revisiting.

10. The Matrix: Path of Neo

Bond From Russia With Love Sean Connery Game
Warner Bros.

The Matrix is a licence that works very well as a video game. The Matrix Awakens demo recently proved there is still widespread demand for such a title, and 2003’s Enter The Matrix is fondly remembered. The Matrix: Path of Neo is less spoken about, but provides an incredibly engaging experience. Who wouldn’t want to beat up hordes of agents as Neo?

Released in 2005, Path of Neo lets gamers fulfil these fantasies, pitting the titular character in various action-packed events from the original trilogy in one overarching narrative.

An intricate skill tree and access to many moves and abilities adds a fantastic level of depth, while Keanu Reeves himself offered his likeness for the game, many years before his inclusion in Cyberpunk 2077.

Combat is visceral and varied, with bullet time that gives you a huge power trip as you play. For Matrix fans, this is a no brainer, and for fans of action beat em ups, it is definitely worth dusting off the PS2 or Xbox to give this one a go.

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