10 Unfair Boss Fights Designed To Piss You Off

A challenging boss fight is one thing, but this lot take the absolute piss!


Is there anything more satisfying in the world of gaming than beating a particularly hard boss that's been grinding you into paste for the last few days?

That intoxicating rush of pride, triumph and sweet, sweet endorphins is a high that's seldom matched in the medium and exudes a potent allure that drives you on to conquer the next big challenge that the game throws at you.

Boss encounters are supposed to be a test of the skills you've amassed over the course of the game, but in some cases, the odds can be so heavily weighted against you that it becomes truly unfair.

Whether it's through poor design or the game asking too much of you, an unfair boss fight can really put a dampener on your experience as a whole, especially if you have to resort to less scrupulous methods to take them down.

And where's the fun in that, eh?

The bosses featured here today aren't broken by any stretch, but the scales are definitely tipped against the player in such a way that they become genuinely unfair. Each of them can be beaten, but you'll have your work cut out if you attempt to take them on.

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