10 Unfair Video Game Enemies That Made You Rage Quit

Poison damage is NEVER fun.

New Vegas

When it comes to video game enemies, for the most part the focus is always on the bosses. We've covered the punch-your-TV difficult ones hundreds of times over, but just because they're the villains who get their own arenas, music and introductions doesn't mean they're more important than the regular gaming enemies that players spend far more time dealing with.

After all, a bad, unfair boss fight might get you all hot and bothered, but you know that once you beat them, you won't have to go through the ordeal again. For the most part anyway, these are permanent victories, and can be celebrated as such.

The same cannot be said for regular goons, who will instead constantly show up to ruin your day no matter how many you've killed, leaving you wondering whether or not you'll ever even see the end of the game, because you'll have snapped your controller in half in a pure, unbridled rage.

These baddies don't just prove a challenge, they seem to be purely designed as sick jokes to frustrate the player as much as possible.


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