10 Unintentionally Terrifying Video Game Moments

10. Jaws 2 - Banjo Kazooie


For the majority of its runtime, Banjo Kazooie is that great Nintendo platformer you fondly remember from your childhood. What you might have repressed, though, is the way it occasionally pitted you against some of the most terrifying sharks of all time.

First up is Snacker, who's essentially just your standard Great White. This guy, with his ridiculously menacing eyebrows, chases you as soon as you jump into the water. It's never played out loud, but this entire level is soundtracked by the Jaws theme song playing in the back of your mind.

In the words of the immortal Qui Gon Jinn though, there's always a bigger fish, and the second shark, Clanker, makes Snacker looks like lunch. This fella is absolutely huge and made of metal. Not only is he ferocious in his pursuit of the player, but he has these wide, emotionless eyes that stare straight through you and into another dimension.

Those eyes and teeth... ugh, I still see them behind my eyelids.


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