10 Unique Open-World Games With Awesome Mechanics

9. LA Noire

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LA Noire might cause a bit of controversy being on this list. There are some who argue its lovingly recreated 1940s LA sandbox is under-utilised and superfluous to the actual game, and they're not totally wrong.

Despite being published by Rockstar, this isn't GTA, and as a result you're not going to get much fun out of driving around the city looking for side content or indulging in random acts of violence.

That doesn't mean the open world isn't a pillar of the experience though. It might be set dressing, but it's damn good set dressing, and the sense of grounding it gives the story allows the dramatic twists and turns to hit.

When the threats to the city rear their head, you take it personally because you've been really living in that city.

Of course, it's the revolutionary interrogation system at the heart of LA Noire that makes it so unique. Even today now that we've come leaps and bounds in terms of facial technology, conducting these interviews with suspects and watching them squirm never gets old.

Yeah, Cole Phelps might flip off the handle when you don't want him to at times, but that's part of the charm.


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