10 Unresolved Video Game Stories That NEED Answers

The cliffhangers that nobody went back to.

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"And then after that, something AMAZING happened!.. No, I'm not going to tell you, obviously..."

Infuriating, isn't it?

Whether it's gaming, movies, books, or comics, a good cliffhanger can be awesome, providing we get the pay-off next time around.

Gamers - perhaps more than any other consumers of fiction - know this all too well.

Whether it's due to our inherent completionist, achievement hunting natures, or simply our love for the characters and storylines we spend hundreds of hours cultivating, it's beyond frustrating when games leave things unresolved.

You finally defeat that last boss by the skin of your teeth (weird phrase...), saving the world and completing the game in the process.

Then you see it... "To Be Continued"...

But the sequel never comes and you'll never know what happens next.

There can, of course, be many perfectly legitimate reasons these plot lines are never resolved: studios can close, licences can expire, and games can simply fail to shift enough copies to ensure a sequel gets the green light.

Understanding the rationale, however, doesn't lessen the frustration we all feel at these loose threads and incomplete character arcs in our favourite titles.

10. Game Of Thrones: The Telltale Series - The Rise And Fall Of House Forrester

Republic Commando Sev

If George R.R Martin has taught us anything, it's to not get too attached to things...

Whether it's Ned Stark, Renly Baratheon, or Telltale Games for that matter, all men must die.

With the sad closure of the aforementioned studio, planned instalments of various properties were inevitably cancelled; their unfulfilled plots destined to remain so.

One of the most galling of such cancelled projects was the scheduled sequel to the Game of Thrones series.

The first game was excellent; 'Thrones through and through - not unexpected given TT's stellar work on the Walking Dead franchise.

From the shocking and gruesome murder of young Ethan Forrester at the hands of love him/hate him Ramsay Bolton, to the horrendous choice faced by Mira Forrester at the game's conclusion, this is a tale full of twist, turns, shocks, and surprises.

As with the TV series and the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books upon which they were based, waiting with baited breath for the next chapter and the answers to burning questions is part and parcel of GoT fandom.

Hopefully LCG Entertainment, who have now acquired the licences to many of TT's former flagship properties, will choose to resurrect the GoT licence and conclude the story of house Forrester.


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