10 Unwritten Rules Of Gaming Everyone Knows

You may not know you know them, but you sure as heck do.

Dark Souls Boss Battle
Bandai Namco Entertainment

Now that video games are firmly established as a thriving, sometimes oversaturated, medium, there are a good handful of things that gamers have come to understand about them.

These are the unwritten and often unspoken things that every gamer just inherently knows to be true of any video game. Even across different franchises and genres there are some constants, and there’s a comfort in knowing a certain colour barrel goes boom or the nuanced meaning behind various non-verbal communications in a multiplayer game. No matter your preferred playstyles, series, or history with games I’m betting you’ll be on board with a bunch of universally known gaming tidbits.

10. Go The Wrong Way First

Dark Souls 3 Irithyll Dungeon

Speedrunners and gamers who just want to mainline the central story until they hit the end credits can ignore this one but the rest of us, especially the completionists among us, will know you always go the wrong way first. Walk right away from that quest marker and toward the passageway that clearly isn’t taking you to the next step in your main quest because that’s where you’ll find your collectibles, the best loot, upgrades, and treasure.

Not to mention hidden side quests and gear you might otherwise miss.

For completionists there’s no greater agony in video games than realising you accidentally went the right way and now you can’t get back to that extra corridor you skipped or the chest you spied through a gated off area. And so everybody knows you wander down the little side path or the boring looking path so you don’t accidentally progress and miss out on the goods.

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