10 Upcoming 2018 Video Games That Will Struggle To Live Up To The Hype

There hasn't been a truly great Spidey game since 2004...

Spider-Man PS4 Truck

Give me one example of a game that’s managed to hit all expectations put before it upon release, and I’ll provide you with 20 that have not.

Vast riches are often spent on promotional campaigns, the legacy of living up to previous titles in a series, keeping up with the demand of modern gamers to provide a multi-faceted product with replay material - all are obstacles that can turn a game from talked-about topic into bargain-bin fodder in no time.

And if you’re producing a reboot, you better make sure it’s gosh-darn close to perfect, or the 4Chan user base will have you.

Hype is there for a reason, though, and while we certainly hope every game coming out next year delivers and then some, it’s simply inevitable there are those who will fall flat on their face. Some because too much was expected, and others merely because they’re just plain bad...


10. God Of War

God Of War

Thirteen years after the release of the franchise’s debut release, God of War will return to consoles with a title sharing its name with the original (calling it God of War 4 could have made things a lot easier, but I'm no expert, apparently).

The franchise has cultivated its themes of gore and mythology and gore splendidly over its body of works, so naturally, Santa Monica Studio decided introducing a small boy into the main plot line was the natural next step in its evolution. I’ll leave it to viewer discretion to judge how that could be a poor decision considering our protagonist regularly flails bladed weapons in all directions at high velocity.

At around the height a child’s head might sit.

What’s more, God of War has stepped away from its Greek roots and has adapted a Norse God theme, and despite what all your exes have told you, change is almost never good. Ever.

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