10 Upcoming 2024 Horror Games You Aren't Ready For

Horror fans won't want to miss these terrifying games that are expected to arrive later this year.


From the phenomenal remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space to indie darlings like Dredge and Sons Of The Forest to the genre-pushing masterpiece that was Alan Wake II, there has never been a better time to be a fan of horror games.

The genre has seen an exciting resurgence in recent years that has breathed life back into beloved classics whilst also delivering some unforgettably chilling new titles that have equally disturbed and delighted players.

And the terrifying fun is far from being over yet either. There are dozens more intriguing and incredibly creepy looking games that are scheduled for release in the not-so-distant future.

While there are some interesting titles out there like the deeply unsettling Silkbulb Test and Hideo Kojima’s mysterious OD that fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of, it's unlikely that these will be released any time soon. Despite this, however, there are still plenty of equally exciting upcoming titles that players can look forward to playing this year.

Featuring everything from long-awaited sequels and new projects from industry veterans to experimental and downright disturbing indie titles, there's a wide assortment of ghoulish goodies coming soon that are guaranteed to pique the interest of genre fans.

10. Bye Sweet Carole

Maximum Entertainment

Coming from the mind of Chris Darril, the creator behind the Remothered series, Bye Sweet Carole is a gorgeously animated 2D horror game that’s expected to launch at a later point in 2024.

Inspired by classic animated movies, this title sees players take control of Lana Benton, a young woman who's staying at Bunny Hall Orphanage. When her friend, the eponymous Carole, goes missing, Lana takes it upon herself to find out what really happened to her, with the ensuing investigation leading her to the kingdom of Carolla, a fantastical and dark land that’s terrorised by sinister creatures. 

Along the way, players will need to utilise Lana's ability to transform into a rabbit to overcome some of the obstacles that lie in her path.

Alongside its intriguing synopsis, the most appealing part of this game is its incredible art style. The pre-alpha gameplay that’s been shown looks like a classic Disney film brought to life. The characters are expressive, the soundtrack is packed with grand orchestral strings, and the environments are dripping with atmosphere.

Complete with some effective jump scares and a menacing villain who pursues Lana after making a harrowing appearance, Bye Sweet Carole takes the traumatising parts of beloved family classics and distils them into one promising looking game. 

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