10 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Exclusives You Need To Know About

Forget that army of indies, the Switch has more major exclusives than the PS4.

Nintendo Switch Upcoming Games

Though it's had one hell of an early sales lead and continues to be one of the finest consoles on the market, the Switch's eShop is awash in quick thrill games, indie titles and random, seemingly thrown-together titles designed to take advantage of a lack of competition.

Now, this isn't to knock the first two aforementioned examples in any negative regard, but simply to highlight one thing: Aside from Zelda and Mario Kart, the Switch's library isn't one propped up by first-party exclusives.

Instead, as Nintendo released their newest system - some would say - far in advance of their major studios being ready, it's resulted in a fairly barren storefront, seeing consumers hungry to lap up anything thrown their way.

Such an setup has thoroughly benefitted the likes of Mr. Shifty, Snipperclips, Puyo-Puyo Tetris and Fast RMX (to name but four), though at some point you have to start wanting games that justify spending £/$300 on a new system.

To that end, I've rolled together every major exclusive coming across 2017 and 2018, as although Nintendo have been slow off the blocks, they're about to break into a sprint...

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