10 Upcoming Video Games We're Most Worried About

10. Watch Dogs: Legion


If the first two Watch Dogs games lived up Ubisoft's claims, they would have been two of the greatest of all time, revolutionising open world infrastructure and defining this generation. In the end, you could turn traffic lights red and make steam pipes burst beneath cars chasing you. Underwhelming doesn't quite cover it.

Thankfully, Ubisoft seem to have learned their lesson this time around, but it's still a fair way from Watch Dogs: Legion's release date of 6 March 2020. The cycle may yet repeat itself all over again when Christmas is out of the way.

Aside from the fear of Ubisoft overselling and failing to deliver with Watch Dogs: Legion, the setting is also a potential cause for concern. A commentary on a CCTV obsessed Britain, Ubisoft deserves respect for tackling a social issue rarely addressed in the medium. In terms of social issues affecting Britain right now though, it’s low down the list of priorities.

Between now and then we could have an election, Brexit, Brexit delayed, Brexit cancelled... the Britain and civil unrest being satirised may be unrecognisable by March. With British politics having never been more fractured and frantic, will it already be dated upon release?


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