10 Upcoming Video Games You Didn't Realise Just Got Cancelled

Rockstar canned remasters of Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV.

Red Dead Redemption

The world of video game development is an extremely clandestine and secretive one compared to, say, movies or TV shows.

We as players are privy to so little behind-the-scenes information, and it remains truly impressive that so many major AAA games can keep things under wraps until they're eventually revealed.

Cancellations are also an extremely common part of game development, from long-gestating titles to video games that are still in the most basic stages of creation. There are so, so many more games canned every single year than we're ever informed about.

And while some games do get loudly shuttered, like PlatinumGames' Scalebound, there are many more which get surreptitiously cancelled while the developer makes only the most basic peep about it - if at all.

Often it falls to industry insiders to break the news to players themselves, that an exciting in-development title has been given the chop internally, perhaps before it's even been officially announced to the public - no matter how well-known its existence already is.

And so, you couldn't be blamed for failing to notice that these 10 upcoming video games have since been scrapped, for better or worse...

10. Lego Disney

Red Dead Redemption

Last year reports started doing the rounds that TT Games was hard at work on a Lego Disney game centered around Mickey Mouse, which was apparently being created as a celebration of Disney's 100-year anniversary this year.

But in recent days several sources, including anonymous former employees of the studio, stated that Lego Disney was cancelled internally sometime last year.

One ex-employee suggested that the game was ultimately shuttered due to both being a "s**t show", and the success of Disney Dreamlight Valley last year, which "did a lot of the things it was trying to do, better."

The source also claimed that TT Games had quietly scrapped numerous other high-profile games over the last few years, implying that there might be wider managerial issues at the studio.

Given that a game celebrating Disney's centennial would've basically sold itself regardless of quality, it must've been in pretty damn rough shape to get scrapped outright.


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