10 Upcoming Video Games You Didn't Realise Just Got Cancelled

4. Nintendo Switch Pro

Red Dead Redemption

Though not a game, there have been few video game products in recent years more feverishly discussed than the Nintendo Switch Pro.

As early as 2019, barely two years after the Switch's release, rumours began spreading that Nintendo was hard at work on a mid-generation refresh for the Switch, with subsequent reports stating that it would include an OLED screen and output up to 4K resolution.

But ultimately this never came to pass - Nintendo released their casual-targeting Switch Lite in late 2019, and last December Digital Foundry's John Linneman reported that the Switch Pro had been scrapped.

Linneman stated that while the Switch Pro was indeed a very real piece of hardware Nintendo had spent years working on - despite their many denials - they decided to cancel it in favour of a full-fat next-gen Switch successor.

While many Switch owners have grown frustrated with the console's limited specs causing newer games to run inadequately, Linneman added that players likely won't have to wait too long for the Switch 2.0, which will probably release in either 2023 or 2024.


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