10 Updates To Video Games That Completely Broke Everything

When new doesn't mean better.


There's no denying that patches and updates are one of the greatest things about modern gaming: though it can theoretically invite developers to get lazy and just "fix it in post," it also allows nagging issues to be quickly dealt with and extra content to be added after release.

There's perhaps no better example of updates fixing a game than No Man's Sky, which is now almost completely transformed from its controversial original release back in 2016.

Yet there are also rare occasions where a patch does the opposite of its intended effect, by introducing gameplay elements that actually make the game worse.

This can be an accidental unbalancing of the delicate core mechanics, a fatal glitch that ruins the entire experience, or perhaps a cynical overhaul intended to make the game more accessible.

In each case, fans were left infuriated at what the patch left in its wake, sometimes to the extent of swearing the game off forever more. Yet even with these games that were eventually fixed, in many cases the player-base simply didn't stick around...

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