10 Video Game Achievements That Made You Say WHAT?!


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Achievements and trophies in video games are nothing if not a double-edged sword - at once a recognition of your hard-fought efforts, and a basically arbitrary digital checklist which only encourages our most obsessive tendencies in the pursuit of player “engagement.”

Given how seriously many players take the whole notion of ‘cheevs, though, it’s always refreshing to see developers have some fun with them or at least do something totally unexpected.

And with that in mind, these 10 video game achievements made everyone sit up, pay attention, laugh their asses off, and above all else shout aloud, “WHAT!?”

These ‘cheevs range from wildly poking fun at the very idea of achievements themselves, to doling out digital rewards for the most unexpected of acts, and everything else in-between.

It’s fair to say they’re not all good fun or even intended by the developer, though; sometimes an achievement will end up spoiling a plot point ahead of time, for instance, and that’s just no damn good.

For better or worse, though, each of these achievements sure as hell made everyone pay attention…

10. Take 5 - Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard

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Vicious Cycle Software

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard may be a parody of stereotypically testosterone-fuelled action games, but its greatest lampooning of all might well lie in its thoroughly piss-taking set of achievements.

Developers Vicious Cycle Software clearly had a laugh tossing the player easy 'cheevs for literally just starting the game and watching the end credits without skipping them, but there's another, even easier one you'll naturally unlock while playing.

The "Take 5" achievement will pop the very first time you pause gameplay - literally all you have to do is hit pause at any time and the trophy is yours.

Given how almost everyone playing the game will hit pause periodically to go to the bathroom, grab snacks, answer the phone, or whatever, it's going to happen eventually, yet considering how mundane an activity pausing a game is, nobody ever expected to get a damn dopamine hit for it.

And yet in this case, Eat Lead absolutely has you covered.

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