10 Video Game Achievements You Don't Want On Your Profile

9. Burgle Burgle Burgle - Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

wasteland 3
Sledgehammer Games

No one likes a thief, especially when they steal all the credit for your hard work.

This is why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has created a special achievement for anyone who likes to steal kills from other players. Called "Burgle Burgle Burgle," the achievement can only be obtained by stealing ten kills from another player in the zombie outbreak mode.

The number of kills seems to be perfectly calculated to punish those who really can't help themselves and go out of their way to burglarize their teammate's accomplishments. Of course, some people might've just tried to get the achievement by working together with friends, but if someone acquires it and their profile lacks any acquaintances with Advanced Warfare in their library, the it's a dead giveaway as to what kind of player they are.

If you don't want people to leave matches with you, then try not to get this achievement. Otherwise, you'll need some friends to fill in for random bouts, and those are hard to come by when you're a filthy little thief.


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