10 Video Game Achievements You Had To Die To Unlock

You had to lay down your life to pop these 'cheevs.

The Callisto Protocol

Whether you actively pursue them or not, there's little denying that achievements and trophies are one of the cornerstones of modern video games.

The dopamine-laced thrill of hearing a 'cheev pop speaks for itself, and for many, they'll spend much longer playing a game than they otherwise would due to the incentive of hoovering up these digital accomplishments.

While the vast majority of achievements are given out for making notable progress throughout a game - such as clearing a level, defeating a boss, or killing x number of enemies - some developers can't resist but have a little fun with the inherent absurdity of the whole idea.

And so, these 10 video games all flipped the idea of positive reinforcement on its head, by instead rewarding you with achievements for getting yourself killed.

That's right, these games all encouraged you to find death - whether at your own hand or that of another - in order to add one more 'cheev to your precious collection, and in some cases even had specifically ridiculous requirements for how you had to die.

Given how supremely annoying death can be in video games, it sure is nice to get something to show for it, right?...

10. Out Of Your Depth - Grand Theft Auto V

The Callisto Protocol

Let's face it, even the most skilled Grand Theft Auto fan is going to get killed a lot while playing any of the games, whether at the hands of cops, rival criminals, or hungry sharks.

Wait, what?

In GTA V, if you venture far out into the open water, you'll eventually see a red dot on your mini-map, and if you leap from your mode of transportation into the drink, you'll soon enough get brutally gobbled up - is there any other way? - by a shark.

But doing so won't merely result in your death - you'll also pop the "Out of Your Depth" achievement, which comes complete with the knowing description, "You're gonna need a bigger boat..."

Considering the sheer number of ways you can end your digital life in the GTA franchise, it's honestly surprising there aren't more death-related achievements throughout the series.


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