10 Video Game Areas That Scarred You For Life

You may leave the area, but the area will never quite leave you.

Red Barrel

Plenty of games capitalise on making players feel as uncomfortable as possible. Aside from the obvious games that do it very transparently, like Arachnophobia, many still capitalise on playing with concepts that we maybe never knew we found unsettling.

Hell, even non-horror games like GTA 5 and its torture scene like to see if they can turn your stomach for one brief moment.

And while some are ingrained into most of us - everyone's a little bit frightened of the piano in Mario 64, after all - plenty are less universal experiences for those who like to play video games.

But, the more obscure a strange or creepy area is, the more it can really sink its teeth into you, as you know trying to explain it out loud to someone who hasn't played the same game would probably have you looking like you're afraid of everything but a glass of whole milk.

Sometimes unusual or unsettling areas can freak you out even more than outright terrifying ones, as you can't quite put your finger on what exactly has you feeling so tense. That said, sometimes you're just straight up scared because you just saw a creature that's half aristocrat half mosquito, and that's also pretty damn fair.

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