10 Video Game Baddies You Should Be Ashamed To Kill

A true patriot until the end. MGS is never short of heart breakers. In some games there are those bad guys that you just feel bad for killing. Don't even pretend like you haven't felt guilty about stomping a walking mushroom with the attack capabilities of a walking mushroom or killing someone because they were misunderstood or innocent. If you haven't then shame on you. If you have then you are a rational human being and have a welcome place in my new empire, and once I have the funds to produce the machine, we'll be in business. Until that day comes however, here is a list of ten bad guys that you should probably feel a little sorry for killing for whatever reason you see fit. Please keep in mind that this is all opinion and I'm sure some of you took great pleasure slaughtering some of these guys for the time they made you waste on their respected games.

10. Tortured Soul - Dragon Quest VIII

He just wants a hug Anyone who has played through Dragon Quest VII knows how tough this third boss is, although if you've played any J-RPG you expect a boss round every corner. This guy was a worthy edition to the Dragon Quest boss list, but you just can't help but feel sorry for him. *WARNING SPOILERS! Now as you're on your way to save dear old Abbot Francisco from the sinister presence that your party felt when you were in the local abbey where the equivalent of the archbishop lives, you have to take everyone through the ruins of the previous church. After using the Angellos ring to activate a secret passage under the ruins you begin to discover the place really doesn't look as holy as it probably used to. Monsters running about and ruined stone and furniture lay everywhere. On your way through you may have been curious enough to read from some of the books which aren't destroyed and it speaks of a plague which befell the church and the monks who struggled with it, questioning their faith. Upon confronting the Tortured Soul he speaks of his agony and that his torment will endure before threatening to end yours himself. You have to feel sorry for this guy. Not only did he never leave the place of his and his friends death but he endured that and still waited for the Goddess to come. It initially felt quite bad to end his life without him finding the peace he desired, but of course in true J-RPG fashion his soul does find redemption. If you know his fate it's probably best to kill him, but otherwise he's a pretty sad case.

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