10 Video Game Blunders We'll NEVER Forget

Never underestimate the power to remember terrible mishaps.

Silicon Knights

Marketing a game or new console can't be easy. What you think is a top notch idea for a game or piece of kit may seem great, but that's usually why you have a committee to run it through first.

But when the whole team signs off on it, and it goes to print for the world to see, you've gotta wonder what they were all huffing that day. Posters that were [hopefully] accidentally racist, or gaming smack-talk just being insulting, or just anything from the mouth of one particular snake oil salesman. They're all out there in the world to see, and more importantly, to never forget.

Lawsuits gone awry, publicity stunts that cause environmental damage or people almost getting shot... even trying to exploit the dead for profit, these have all happened. Not to little companies, either, but the really big ones that would like you to forget they happened.

Sometimes, though, they go as far as to being in-game. When a once high-flying series bounces back with one game, only to wipe the face(s) off of it for the next one. Or objectifying and glamourising the murder of the convent for shock value.

So whilst time may pass and the hopes that these will be forgotten rolls on, be thankful you've got me to remind you of at least ten of the biggest gaming blunders out there.

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