10 Video Game Boss Battles That Literally Hack Your Game

A hacker NEVER plays fair.

Dmc Devil May Cry
Ninja Theory

Boss battles are culminations of progress in our video game adventures. A long, challenging gauntlet is often met by a big baddie hellbent on halting our progress.

Some play fair, while others twist the world around us to change the rules of the game. These can often lead to controller smashing moments of unfairness as it feels as though the enemy has hacked your game.

We've all had those moments when we've screamed at the TV in disbelief, as a boss has warped the way the game plays in a way that benefits his own desire.

Whether this be getting inside your head or challenging you to tackle the game in brand new ways, it often feels infuriating and an unfair advantage of the games rules. Bosses are meant to be testaments of your skill, pushing you to the very limit of your abilities, but hacking that game? That's too far, man!

With a large list of meddling bosses to choose from it's hard to pick the cheaters from the hackers, but here are 10 that really took the biscuit!

10. Scarecrow - Batman: Arkham Asylum

Dmc Devil May Cry
Warner Bros.

Most of the bosses in Batman: Arkham Asylum are often pushovers. Simple countering and dodging is the best best to victory is most circumstances.

Then comes in Scarecrow.

Inoculating you with his hypnotic gas, he thrusts Batman in a nightmare fuelled world that not only plays with his mental physique, but changes the way the game world works.

Much of Arkham Asylum remains fairly ground, despite the crazy cast of villains, but Scarecrow drags you into a larger than life horror show.

Set amongst a visually striking astral plain, a towering Scarecrow will instantly kill you if you're spotted. It changes the way bosses operate in Arkham and visually changes the landscape around you.

Manage to stealthily reach Scarecrow and you can blow a devastating attack to Scarecrow, rendering him inoperable. That's if you manage to navigate his horrific gauntlet.

It's a stark contrast to how the rest of Arkham Asylum works, and is a look into the mental stability of our very own Master Wayne.

Scarecrow hacks into the memories of Batman's past to create this internal torment for you to struggle past. Also creating one of the most memorable boss fights in Arkham history.


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