10 Video Game Boss Battles Who Tricked You Into Thinking You'd Won

9. Soul Master - Hollow Knight

Doom Cyberdemon
Team Cherry

Much like FromSoftware's output, Hollow Knight is well noted for its ruthless, unforgiving level of difficulty, and in the case of the game's Soul Master boss fight, developers Team Cherry even ventured into flat-out trolling territory.

The bulk of the battle is plenty tricky by itself, with players needing to utilise lightning-fast reactions to avoid the Soul Master's speedy attacks, while hopefully learning his attack pattern.

Hammer him enough and he'll finally appear to go down, complete with a neat death animation, leaving behind only a spell in his wake.

However, jumping up to grab it will only cause the Soul Master to suddenly re-emerge and smash you through the glass floor for the second phase of the fight.

This phase is extremely tough, with the boss abusing his slam attack which can make short work of players caught off-guard. Worse still, Soul Master often uses a fake-out slam to try and throw players off the pattern of its offense.

If you happened to put the controller down after the first phase, understandably thinking the fight was over, you were all out of luck.

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