10 Video Game Boss Fights That Killed The Hype

These boss fights stopped their games dead in their tracks.

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Boss fights are simply one of the many components of video games, showing up eventually in the majority of action and RPG games on the market, serving as (hopefully) thrilling skill-checks for the player.

The history of gaming is filled with creative and unforgettable boss fights just as it is lazily unimaginative ones, and then there are those boss battles that straight-up sap a game of its prevailing energy and excitement.

For better or worse, these 10 video game bosses all derailed the hype that players had while playing the game in question: perhaps the boss was part of a massive difficulty spike, or the fight was otherwise an overlong chore to get through.

On the other hand, perhaps the fight intentionally caught players by surprise and changed-up the gameplay in a wildly unexpected, divisive way.

This isn't to say that each of these boss battles are bad - though some of them certainly are - but that each immediately caused the player's mood to change, by obliterating the game's established tone or just bringing the pacing grinding to a halt.

For whatever reason, these bosses caused your adrenaline-infused excitement to drain all away...

10. The Godskin Duo - Elden Ring

Batman Arkham Asylum Titan Joker

The debate rages on about which Elden Ring boss is precisely the hardest, though there's a pretty strong consensus that the most infuriatingly cheap of the lot is the damn, dirty Godskin Duo.

Dual boss fights are always a divisive proposition where SoulsBorne games are concerned, and Elden Ring offers up a textbook example of why.

The battle sees you taking on two prior bosses, Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble, simultaneously inside of a relatively small arena, and will push the player's crowd control skills to their absolute limit.

The two bosses share a health bar, and taking them both on at the same time is incredibly difficult, effectively forcing the player to incapacitate one and then fight the other solo during the brief window of time before the fallen boss is resurrected.

Despite the clear thought that FromSoftware put into most of their boss fights, in this case they basically just combined two already decently difficult bosses into a single agonisingly challenging encounter without much consideration at all.

It's tough as hell, but not in a clever or creative way. It's a genuinely cheap boss fight where only the most die-hard players would ever dare tell you to "git gud" for suggesting it was poorly designed.


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