10 Video Game Boss Gauntlets That Made You Rage Quit

The real boss battle was the foes you fought along the way.

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Isn't it annoying when a video game boss seems way harder to get to than actually fight?

Well, it happens more often than you'd think. No matter how tough your towering opponent is, the road standing between you and them can be fraught with peril, and you're lucky if you even make it to the end in one piece.

There's nothing worse than dying to a hard boss and then having to repeatedly trawl through the same stretch of pure pain to get back to them again each time. Not only is it tedious and time-consuming, but it can also cost you a good chunk of your health and resources - stuff that would have come in handy actually, you know, fighting the boss.

Sometimes, this gauntlet is just a preliminary test before you're locked into the boss room for good. In the more aggravating cases, you respawn at your last save point after dying, and have to bulldoze your way through the same old enemies every single time.

And now and then, that's just enough to stretch your patience to breaking point.

10. Hellforge - Diablo II (2000)

Doviculus Brutal Legend

The bosses of Diablo II are wickedly strong, and if you're not prepared for them, you'll end up having to kill them just by chipping away their health pixel by pixel until you die and respawn again in real time.

Hardcore fans will scoff at this method, but for first-time players, fighting bosses means two things: death, and repeatedly pelting back to where you were dealt it.

In Act IV, you'll get to face off against the Lord of Terror himself, right after destroying his brother Mephisto's Soulstone in the Hellforge. On the way are hordes of the toughest demon enemies in the game, which you can either take the time to slice through, or dart past to get to your objective quicker.

True, by killing them, you're given a clear path to Diablo that's nothing more than an annoying long walk. But if you're impatient and try to run past them, it's very likely you'll find yourself pinned into a corner and torn apart like a piƱata in a piranha tank.

Not only that, but if you're having trouble with Diablo and decide to tackle him another day, booting up the game again will cause all of the enemies along the gauntlet to respawn. Hope you weren't saving those healing potions for something...

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