10 Video Game Bosses Only Hardcore Players Got To Fight

Grinding, skill, sheer luck, and a whole lot of time were needed to even face some of these beasts.

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Bosses are very much a standard in video games. From the likes of first person shooters to action adventure games to role playing games, there is not a gamer alive that hasn't encountered a boss at some point within their gaming journey.

They are usually strategically placed at set points in games to give the gamer an obstacle to overcome and to show their mastery of the game mechanics so far.

However, that doesn't mean that all bosses are easy to find. Some are almost impossible to find without a guide, while others require an insane amount of grinding, causing the player to invest dozens of hours of their life to just catch a glimpse of something that most people will never see or possibly even be aware existed.

These bosses are there to truly challenge a gamer, whether that is through grit and guile or simply trudging through numerous locations to meet the specific criteria needed to meet these elusive baddies.

So here, my friends, we salute those committed enough to their cause to meet (and possibly defeat) 10 Video Game Bosses Only Hardcore Players Got To Fight.

10. Death Bringer - Golden Axe (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive)

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Golden Axe is an old school, side scrolling beat 'em up that was released by Sega in 1989 as an arcade game and then released for home consoles, including the Master System and Genesis/Mega Drive.

That means that Golden Axe has arcade game difficulty.

Made in a time when games were designed to be tough so that the makers could make as much money as possible from it, the enemies move faster than the player characters and have a tendency to try to swarm you. Ideally, this is played in co-op to counter this but, even so, getting to the end of the game isn't necessarily an easy feat. Doing so, however, sees you fight the final boss, Death Adder, and reclaim the Golden Axe for which you have strived!

Or at least some versions of the game do.

The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version of the game had another boss after this - Death Bringer, Death Adder's master. He's essentially a palette-swapped version of Death Adder, but has two skeletons accompanying him, who each have twice as much health as he does.

So in order to meet him, you not only have to complete the original arcade version of the game, which is a challenge in itself, but you also have to have it for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (not counting re-releases for future consoles) to actually ever see Death Bringer in action.

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