10 Video Game Bosses REMOVED For Being Too Hard

When you accidentally create a monster.

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Have you ever fought a video game boss so hard that it made you think there was no way the developers could’ve made something even more trauma-inducing? Well, if that’s the case, you’re only half wrong. The enemy you spend hours trying to defeat might have been the toughest one in the game, but it may not have been the toughest one the developers came up with.

With every great game title comes a great deal of cut content. And in some cases, this includes boss fights of insane proportions.

Although they never make it past the drawing board, the files and concepts that exist regarding them reveal that if they were ever introduced into the project, they would easily take the crown for being the worst nightmare of any gamer out there.

Whether it’s a scrapped idea for a boss capable of turning your friends against you, a multi-stage fight with several transformations, or even something as simple as an early miniboss with access to end-game abilities, these boss fights were simply too much to handle and needed to be taken out.

When you read about them, you’ll realize you actually had it pretty easy.

10. SCP-689 - SCP: Containment Breach

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SCP: Containment Breach is a horror game based on the internet collaborative work of the same name. In the game, you play as one of the test subjects who tries to escape the SCP facility after something releases all of the dangerous anomalies kept inside.

Containment Breach features quite an impressive number of SCPs that the player has to go up against. This said, the team behind the project had plans for even more monsters, including an SCP so overpowered that they had to ultimately remove it from the game.

SCP-689, known as "Hunter in the Dark," is a small statue of a creature sitting on a throne. The statue's powers remain dormant when someone is staring at it, but as soon as they look away, the statue disappears, and then twenty seconds later, the person dies an instantaneous death.

The game's main developer, Regalis, mentioned that the team tried to implement SCP-689 originally, but it was removed when they realized dooming players to an instant and guaranteed death was a little too "over-the-top."

And who could argue with that? It's already hard to deal with the creature that can only move when you blink. Imagine looking away and then just dying.

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