10 Video Game Bosses That Are Almost IMPOSSIBLE To Beat

Has ANYONE beaten these guys?

Dark Souls 2
From Software

The most satisfying gaming moment is when you triumph over an exceptionally difficult boss. Because these arduous foes are designed to test your mettle, you feel like you're on top of the world after putting them in the ground.

Naturally, the harder your opponent is, the more satisfaction you feel after you win. Because of this, developers are eager to craft super-tough baddies to give players a true challenge.

However, there are times where the developers go too far. If the boss relies on spamming combos, disabling moves, and insta-kill attacks, it doesn't seem fair. Although healing enemies are annoying, it's preposterous when your rival can regenerate their health indefinitely. Even though boss fights can be long, it's unreasonable if the battle goes on for hours.

No matter what game you are playing, defeating any enemy should rely on timing, memorisation, and precision. Unfortunately, there are some bosses that are so cheap, you're more likely to beat them through blind luck or by exploiting cheap tactics rather than through skill.

Although gaming veterans love being tested, expecting us to defeat this lot was asking too much.

10. Through The Fire And Flames - Guitar Hero III

Dark Souls 2

There is no question Through the Fire and Flames is the hardest section in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. It's so difficult to perform, most players can't complete the first 5% of Dragonforce's iconic melody! Music legends like Jimi Hendrix and Slash would balk at the requirements needed to play a fraction of this seven-minute tune.

Through the Fire and Flames contains a preposterous 3,722 notes, meaning you have to hit 26.6 notes per second. These notes come at you so quickly, your brain doesn't have time to process them, nor can your fingers deal with that much multitasking.

There are so many green notes in the intro, many players rely on placing a rubber band around the green button to get past this segment. Some ask a friend to press the green button accordingly, while the player focuses on hitting the other notes. (You know a boss is unfair when it inspires players to devise elaborate methods to cheat.)

Even though there have been many rock-hard rock songs in the sequels, Through the Fire and Flames is the toughest of the lot.


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