10 Video Game Bosses That Can Be Killed In A Single Hit

These bosses really weren't so tough after all.

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By their very nature, boss fights are supposed to be difficult. They're meant to be challenging and exciting and climactic - but some just don’t live up to the hype. Despite some bosses being made out to be the toughest enemies of all time, they’re actually total pushovers.

Players often went into these battles fearing the worst, but were pleasantly surprised to discover that the big bad boss was actually about as menacing as a basket of kittens and could be defeated with next to no effort.

In fact, some of these boss fights are basically impossible to lose. A few of them do involve a little dose of skill or precise timing, but most require little more than simply walking up to the enemy and hitting the attack button.

We all remember those time-consuming boss fights where you die over and over while trying to learn attack patterns and weak points, and those battles can be a lot of fun, but let’s hear it for the easy boss fights, the one-hit kills, and some of the most anti-climactic battles in gaming history.

10. Bed Of Chaos (Dark Souls)

The End MGS3
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The Souls games are known for their immense difficulty, especially when it comes to the boss fights, but the Bed Of Chaos from the original Dark Souls can basically be killed in just one hit. That doesn't make this fight easy, as there are still plenty of ways you can die, but you don't have to worry about pounding away at this enemy for ages until it finally falls down.

The floor of the boss arena gradually collapses and the boss uses gigantic swinging tree branches and fire blasts to try and keep you at bay, but if you can dodge its attacks and make it down to the tree's roots, the true form of the boss is revealed.

The actual life force of the Bed Of Chaos takes the form of a puny insect, which you can wipe out in a single hit. It's still a tricky fight compared to most other games, but for the Souls series, the Bed Of Chaos was definitely one of the easiest boss encounters.


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