10 Video Game Bosses That Cheat To Win

When bosses don't play fair.

Metal Gear Solid Psycho Mantis

What makes a memorable boss fight? A uniquely designed opponent, a unique setting, and combat that creatively tests players' mettle. But sometimes boss fights become iconic because players are forced to battle an opponent who effectively tries to cheat their way to victory.

These 10 bosses all turned their respective games' rules upside down, flipping the script as they forced players to contend with a series of attacks they were in no way prepared for.

From flat-out betraying the mechanics players had spent hours mastering, to trying to convince them to turn the damn console off, to screwing with their controller in ways both clever and infuriating, these bosses all refused to play fair during the crucial encounter.

In some cases it left players ready to break furniture, while in others there was an undeniable respect for the left-field thinking on display. For better or for worse, players hoping for something close to an on-the-level boss battle were left with anything but...


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