10 Video Game Bosses That Killed You AFTER Being Defeated

Talk about a sore loser.

Sekiro Guardian Ape

The vast majority of video game boss fights are predictable enough: the player takes down the enemy and moves on to the next one until they're all outta bosses and the game is finally over.

But every so often there are bosses who, upon being defeated, find creative, sneaky, and even occasionally accidental ways to have the last laugh, by dealing the player a most unexpected death.

These 10 video game bosses, no matter how easy or difficult they might've been, all had a final trick in store for unsuspecting players, from a devastating last-ditch attack, to a surprise contingency plan, and maybe even the sheer threat presented by their own colossal dead body.

Whether an optional gameplay element or a fixed aspect of the story, each of these bosses at least had the potential to take your life when you thought the fight was over, ensuring anyone who dared put the controller down to rest had a nasty surprise waiting for them.

What do we learn from these bosses? The fight's not truly over until you're watching the end credits screen...

10. Del Lago - Resident Evil 4

Sekiro Guardian Ape

One of Resident Evil 4's most memorable bosses is Del Lago, the Plaga-infected amphibian monster which attacks Leon at the lake by the village.

The fight itself isn't particularly challenging, and once you've lobbed about a dozen harpoons at it, the beast will finally appear to go down for the count.

But those who put their controller down to watch the creature's dying cutscene will be caught off-guard by a QTE sequence, as Leon gets tangled in a rope attached to Del Lago's enormous corpse.

Players then have to mash away in order to cut the rope, but if you're not quick enough off the mark, you'll find yourself helplessly dragged to the lake's depths and met with the Game Over screen.


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