10 Video Game Bosses That Learned From Their Mistakes

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Alien Isolation

There’s a specific set of rules that usually apply to video game bosses. They need to be hit three times; they have weak spots that they expose after attacking; and sometimes the stuff they shoot you with is a weapon you can use against them.

You would think that after decades of following the same formula over and over again, some bosses out there would finally learn to take a different approach. And in fact, although most bosses stick to the same principles, some do learn from their mistakes and come back to fight the player with some new and clever tricks up their sleeves.

These aren’t your typical bosses. When you stomp on their head, they buy a helmet. When you defeat them in a duel, next time they’ll come back with an entourage of thugs to even out the odds. And just in general, they won’t be making the same mistake twice.

10. Dr. Letz Shake - No More Heroes 2

Alien Isolation
Grasshopper Manufacture

The assassins in No More Heroes are all vibrant characters with unique personalities. This said, some of them don't really get a chance to show them off, and one character in particular, Letz Shake, doesn't even have the chance to fight the main character, Travis Touchdown.

Letz Shake gets killed by Travis's brother Henry before his Earthquake Maker can reach its countdown from 10 to 0. This leaves you wondering what would have happened if the countdown had been shorter, and this is exactly what happens in the sequel.

By some miracle, Letz Shake survives getting sliced in half by Henry and returns in No More Heroes 2 as a brain operating his Earthquake Maker. Although he no longer has a body, he makes up for it by learning from his anticlimactic defeat. He upgrades his machine to activate in three seconds instead of ten and makes it larger and more resistant.

Despite starting off as a joke character, Dr. Letz Shake, as that is what he calls himself in the sequel, is actually a pretty good enemy to fight. The earthquake waves are seriously deadly, which just goes to show he should've made his machine faster from the get-go.

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