10 Video Game Bosses That Made Us Rage Quit - 2019 Edition

2019 has not been pulling its punches.

Perfect World Entertainment

It's Autumn 2019, and already we have seen more than enough examples of video game boss fights that have no doubt caused many a controller to defy gravity.

With so many stellar titles releasing, there is always bound to be numerous examples of incredible boss designs, frustratingly difficult encounters to triumphantly overcome, and possibly just a few examples of boss fights that were just so broken, that they caused players to give up on the games entirely.

There's no shame in admitting that you've given up on a game.

Not everyone wants to spend hours banging their head against the same enemy time and time again when they could be playing literally anything else. Maybe even visiting the outside world, reading one of those paper devices with lots of words in them, or engaging in social interaction at the local watering hole. Whatever that is.

However, those who did stick it out and persevere through progressing through a rage-quit scenario would find peace and enlightenment unlike any other.

These are 2019's best and brightest difficult boss fights, featuring multiple non-skippable introductory phases, ticking timers, massively overpowered moves with zero margin for error, and the odd grandad crawling out of his grandson's neck.

Because video games.


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