10 Video Game Bosses That Made You Cheat To Win

Sometimes cheaters do prosper.


Under normal circumstances, cheating to beat a boss feels more than a little unsatisfying. Instead of the glorious battle you could have had, you're left with a gimmick that lets you win, generally resulting in a hollow victory.

But generally does not mean always. Some bosses are so irritating - or so difficult - that sometimes it's easier to bite the bullet and take to less morally upright methods. In fact, it's pretty common for the enemies you're fighting to take to tactics that are either practically impossible to beat through legitimate means, or otherwise technically cheating themselves.

While winning through cheating isn't the most righteous victory, it can still be incredibly satisfying to finally get one over on a boss or enemy that's been making your life hell for however long you've been trying to best them. And sometimes, cheating is the only way to counter a cheating AI.

The one sure sign that we could fight a robot uprising is humanity's willingness to cheat to beat them in anything, even Mario Party - and in a really messed up way, that's beautiful.

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